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Fun in the Sun10-Jan-2024

Even the piercing cold winter breeze could not dampen the spirit and the vivacity each UWS fraternity felt as they all assembled to bond and strengthen their camaraderie beyond school premises on 10th January 2024 during the much-awaited staff picnic at Rio Resort near Robber’s Cave. The spacious green lawns, sparkling water of the nearby rivulet and the sunrays filtering through the bamboo groves at the venue further delighted everyone as they all settled down for fun activities (tambola, hula hoop games, blowing balloon competition, cricket match, singing and dancing) and funny photoshoots and selfies. In addition to providing long-lasting happy memories, the delectable cuisine, sun basking, short nature walks, games, and lively conversations revitalized each person and gave them the chance to live like children again, free from obligations