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Workshop on Design Thinking20-Apr-2024

Eighteen girls of Unison World school attended a workshop in Doon Girls’ school on 20th of April. Dr. K.J. George, a distinguished expert in the field of Marketing, Strategy, and Retail, conducted The Design Thinking Hands-On Session for problem solving. The workshop emphasized on problem-solving and strategic thinking through the lens of design thinking. Dr. George illustrated this concept by referencing visionary figures such as Steve Jobs, as well as using real-world case studies from prominent companies like Nokia and Apple. A pivotal part of the workshop involved illustrating the success stories of companies like Apple, juxtaposed against the challenges faced by others such as Nokia. Dr. George elaborated on Apple's customer-centric approach, contrasting it with Nokia's strategy. Additionally, he also discussed the environmental consequences of innovation, providing examples such as plastic pencils, which aimed to conserve wood but inadvertently contributed to another significant issue by introducing plastic into the environment. Participants were engaged in interactive exercise designed to help them define problem, craft empathy statement, and brainstorm innovative solutions to it. Dr. George employed an example featuring a blind child using a braille stylus that caused discomfort and led to bleeding fingers, as a basis for teaching problem-solving methods during the workshop. In conclusion, the session wrapped up with the expressions of heartfelt gratitude extended to Dr. K.J. George for sharing his invaluable insights. The stage was then set for the director of the Doon Girls’ school, Ms. Monisha Datta to deliver the closing remark saying, “It is easy to design without thinking but difficult to design with thought.” marking the end of the workshop.