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Manners and etiquette training program06-May-2024

Team Iris conducted a manners and etiquette training program in the first week of May, for the entire student body of Unison World school. The sessions were held in batches at various times for all the grades. This program aimed to equip students with essential skills in manners, cleanliness, social etiquette, non-verbal communication, and dining etiquette. Throughout the sessions, students actively engaged in a range of activities and lessons that focused on the importance of proper etiquette and maintaining personal hygiene in different social settings. They learned the art of introducing themselves confidently, displaying good manners, and engaging in polite conversation as well as handling and carrying themselves elegantly in western outfits. Additionally, students explored the intricacies of body language, recognizing the profound influence of non-verbal signals on their interactions. They honed their skills in maintaining eye contact, employing suitable gestures, and respecting personal space boundaries to enhance their communication effectiveness. A notable aspect of the training was the session dedicated to dinner etiquette, during which students delved into the intricacies of formal dining. They enthusiastically embraced the chance to refine their dining skills with elegance and composure, mastering tasks such as setting the table correctly and using the appropriate cutlery. These invaluable lessons will undoubtedly serve them well in their personal and professional lives, helping them navigate social situations with confidence and respect. We extend our gratitude to Team Iris for their support in nurturing our students, who continue to evolve into well-rounded individuals. Through their guidance, our students exemplify the values of courtesy, respect, and grace in their everyday lives.