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Gurupurab Celebration 202327-Nov-2023

Embodying the spirit of oneness, humility, devotion and selfless service, Unison World School celebrated Gurpurab on 27th November 2023. The sacred celebration was marked by Punjabi students visit to Gurudwara Nanaksar early in the morning. The students after paying homage had the opportunity to interact with the governor of Uttarakhand in the Gurudwara premises. In consonance with the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji the students of grade XI and XII rendered their services in the preparation of the Langar. Entire school assembled for reflecting on the teaching of the spiritual master and the spiritual Shabad Kirtan. The soothing hymns created a sense of spiritual unity among all. The community lunch promoting unity, compassion and peace was enjoyed by Athenas and the Purkul Community with whom the students are associated in Community Service ventures.