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Fine Arts

We encourage every girl at School to express herself creatively and learn to work collaboratively. This is not only enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding in itself, but also helps to develop essential skills and self-confidence. 

Fine Art focuses on the acquisition of techniques and skills in order to communicate and express ideas visually. Creativity, innovation and artistic talent are encouraged, along with taking creative risks and learning from mistakes.

Our Fine Arts Department offers a wide spectrum of visual arts in its numerous well equipped Art Studios. Girls are able to creatively express themselves through activities such as:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Craft
  • Textile
  • Sculpture
  • Pottery& Ceramics.

Our art teachers are well-qualified specialists who teach a variety of disciplines including Folk Art, Rangoli, Water Colour, Architecture, oil-painting, print-making work, Collage Making, Papier-mâché and Origami etc. These activities help our girls to channelize their reservoir of energy to manifest their creative skills.