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Health & Medical

The Medical Centre in the School campus is managed by Max Healthcare.The School also has a tie-up with Max Super Specialty Hospital which is in close vicinity.

The experienced and well-resourced School Medical Centre conducts outpatient and inpatient treatment, minor procedures and surgeries. A Residential Medical Officer is assisted by four well-trained registered nurses from Max Super Specialty Hospital. The Medical Centre is within the hostel area and is a warm and caring place for the pupils.

The Medical Centre is equipped with:

  • Routine Treatments
  • Fourteen-bed General Ward
  • Four-bed Isolation Ward
  • Recovery Lounge.

The nurses and the GDA are available round the clock for best assistance and medical aid. Eye, ENT, Dental and Skin check-ups are organized periodically. A routine Cardiac screening is done for all girls at least once a year. Complete check-ups are also carried out each quarter to ensure that our girls are always in the best of health. Routine health concerns are normally seen during specified clinic hours. After hour calls are reserved for significant medical issues. In case of emergencies, a well-equipped ambulance is available for immediate evacuation to the nearby Max Super Speciality Hospital.

Pupils are discouraged from keeping medication in the dorm for intermittent self-administration in order to minimize any possibility of misuse by the student or others and missed diagnoses by the School medical staff.

Medical bills are incorporated into your annual fees.


Emotional wellbeing inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner strength. We help our students to learn and grow from their life experiences, encourage sound decision making and educate them to have zero tolerance towards bullying. Throughout their stay in the School, we inculcate in them positive attributes in life such as, resilience, owning responsibility, compassion, mindfulness and gratitude.