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Teaching Staff

The School has an extremely qualified and committed faculty. They are trained in activity-based learning and teaching methods. In addition, lesson planning, classroom performance and contribution to co-curricular activities are under constant supervision of Heads of Lower, Upper and Senior Schools, Dean of Academics, Vice Principal and the Principal herself, who together believe that the quality of teaching and learning must be of the highest order day-by-day, hour-by-hour and lesson-by-lesson.

SNo Department Subject Name
1 Maths Maths Dr. Mona Khanna
2 English & Modern Languages English Ms Renu Sindhu
3 English & Modern Languages English Ms Versha Sharma
4 English & Modern Languages English Ms Priyamvada Sharma
5 English & Modern Languages English Ms. Archana Madan
6 English & Modern Languages English Ms Mubashir Ahmed
7 English & Modern Languages French Ms. Palak Saraswat
8 English & Modern Languages Spanish Ms. Prakriti Bansal
9 English & Modern Languages English Ms. Pooja Thapa
10 English & Modern Languages German Ms Vidushi Bisht
11 English & Modern Languages German Ms Rakhi
12 English & Modern Languages Spanish Mr Niteen Kumar Panjiar
13 Maths Maths Ms Richa Mehra
14 Maths Maths Ms Sarita Rana
15 Maths Maths Mr Rajesh Kumar
16 Maths Maths Ms Amola Chauhan
17 Maths Maths Mr Shanker Dayal
18 Sciences Biology Ms Updesh Kaur Mamgain
19 English & Modern Languages French Mr. Ashish Aweley
20 Sciences Biology Ms Reshu Dora
Activities Coordinator
21 English & Modern Languages English Ms. Sutapa Ghosh
22 Sciences Biology Ms Sriya Chatterjee
23 Sciences Chemistry Dr Abhinai Kumar Saxena
Academics Coordinator
24 Sciences Chemistry Ms. Jasleen Kaur
25 Sciences Chemistry Ms Sakshi Chhatwal
26 Sciences Chemistry Ms Shipra Bahl
27 Sciences Physics Mr Rajeev Rana
28 Sciences Physics Ms Neelam Rawat
29 Sciences Physics Mr Vivek Ranjan Kagdee
30 Sciences Science Teacher Ms. Aparna Bahuguna Juyal
31 Commerce Business Studies & Commerce Ms Shallu Kumar
32 Commerce Business Studies & Commerce Ms. Bhavna Bhavnani
33 Commerce Accounts & Commerce Ms. Kakoli Sengupta
34 Commerce Economics Mr. Manoj K R
35 Commerce Economics Ms Raksha Gupta
36 Commerce Economics Ms. Parul Sharma
37 Social Sciences Political Science Mr Aldred Gomes
38 Social Sciences Geography Dr. Sushant Kashyap
39 Social Sciences History & Geography Ms. Akshita Bhatt
40 Fine Arts Teacher Priti Sharma
Pastoral Coordinator
41 Social Sciences History Ms Smita Kaur Padam
42 Performing Arts Guitar Mr. S. Karthik Kumar
43 Social Science Geography Ms Shakuntala Awasthi
44 Social Science Psychology Ms Manmeet Sidhu
45 Computer Science Computer Science Ms Swagata Chakraborty
46 Computer Science Computer Science Ms Amrita Pandey
47 Hindi & Sanskrit Hindi & Sanskrit Ms Hervinder Kaur
48 Hindi & Sanskrit Hindi & Sanskrit Dr. Nandani Joshi
49 Hindi & Sanskrit Hindi & Sanskrit Ms Poonam Anand
50 Fine Arts Drawing & Painting Mr Surender Singh
51 Fine Arts Drawing & Painting Ms Seema Parvez
52 Fine Arts Computer Graphics Mr Sumonjit Sarkar
53 Fine Arts Craft Ms Baishakhi Mehatori
54 Fine Arts Sculpture Mr Satyabrata Halder
55 Fine Arts Photography Ms Diksha Rawat
56 Fine Arts Pottery & Ceramics Mr Bijoy Halder
57 Performing Arts Tabla Mr Shubhojit Bhattacharya
58 Performing Arts Western Dance Ms. Divya Mishra
59 Performing Arts Indian Vocal Ms Mali Bhattacharya
60 Performing Arts Drum Mr Arun Shahi
61 Sports Swimming Ms. Anushka Yadav
62 Performing Arts Keyboard Mr Brijesh Prasad
63 Performing Arts Indian Dance Ms. Shreyanshi Mishra
64 Sports Football- PartTime Ms Sarita Rawat
65 Sports Lawn Tennis Mr Pramod Dangwal
66 Sports Table Tennis- Part Time Ms Diksha Dhruvanch
67 Sports Badminton- Part Time Ms Ruchi Singh
68 Sports Hockey Ms Sushma Jkhwal
69 Sports Squash Mr Hari Narayan Tripathi
70 Sports Volleyball- Part Time Ms. Keerti Thapa
71 Sports Swimming Ms. Surbhi Sharma
72 Performing Arts Sitar- Part Time Mr. Dinesh Chandra Bhatt
73 Sports Teacher & Head of Department Sports Mr. Mukesh Chandra Paneru
74 Design & Technology Design & Technology Mr. Ankur Khare
75 Sports Badminton- Part Time Mr. Swadesh Raj Bhatt
76 Sports Self Defence Part Time .Ms. Anita Pandey
77 Sports Tennis Coach Part Time Mr. Rohit Kuma
78 Sports Hockey Coach Part Time Ms. Komal Rana