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During her time with us at School, your daughter will make the challenging transition from childhood to adulthood. We understand that entrusting her care and education to us during this period is not done lightly. As a large school, we are able to offer extraordinary advantages in resources and choices, but we are also divided into small groups too, through the three academic Divisions (Lower School, Upper School and Senior School), and the House system. These create interlocking layers of pastoral care which enable every girl, the reserved as well as the extrovert, to find opportunities to lead a confident, fulfilled and enjoyable life at School.

Pastoral care is the responsibility of the Dean of Pastoral Care, supported by Resident Medical Officer, Catering Officer, Counsellor, Housemother, Assistant Housemother, Matrons and Sahayikas. This network is further bolstered by an experienced and well-resourced Medical Centre based in School, and an informed and skilled Catering Department. Pastoral care isn't something that happens when things go wrong; it's a constant support network for your daughter's time in School.


The girls reside in four boarding houses: Maple, Walnut, Oakwood and Rosewood. The living facilities are planned to provide a family-like atmosphere to our girls. All boarding houses have comfortable dormitories with adjacent washrooms. The boarding houses are guarded exclusively by professional female security guards.

The girls of Lower School are accommodated in dormitories in groups of seven/eight, whereas the girls of Upper and Senior School stay together in groups of four in each dormitory. Each floor has a social room (with a television, newspapers, music system, computers and indoor games) and a study room for self-study. Girls communicate regularly with their parents through phone calls, e-mails and letters.