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Welcome from the Unison World School Alumni Relations Office!

Stay connected to the school that provided the foundation of your success. Unison World School offers our alumni exciting opportunities, programs and services to encourage lasting connections long after graduation.

When students graduate from Unison World School, they automatically become members of the Unison World School Alumni Association, a network of over 350 alumni around the world. The mandate of the Alumni Association is to help build lifelong relationships with the Alumni to organize the resources necessary to support the mission and vision of Unison World School.

Unison World School Alumni Cabinet comprising of President, Vice-President and Secretary

Mandate and Responsibilities

The Unison world School Alumni Cabinet is empowered to maintain alumni relations with Unison World School Alumni in order to:

  • Help build long-lasting relationships with the Alumni to marshal the resources necessary to support the mission and vision of Unison world School
  • Recognize outstanding Alumni
  • Participate in the School’s programs (i.e. Conference, Mentoring, Seminar)
  • Assist to update Alumni records on database and email lists
  • Provide Alumni with information of fellow Alumni (i.e. Alumni Directory)
  • Assist to organize an annual Alumni Reunion event 
  • Provide advice and reflect public attitudes, stay informed about Unison world School, influence the future of the School and expand contacts among Alumni, Faculty and Staff

Batch reps
Alumni Batch Rep is very important! You represent a connection between UWS and your Batch. The more you remain committed to strengthening this bond the more effective you will be as a rep.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in alumni activities and encourage Batch-mates to join you
  • Contact Batch-mates prior to alumni events
  • Act as a liaison between the Batch and school in updating Batch-mates about the school and keeping the school informed about alumni
  • Keep the school informed of address and employment changes for you and your Batch-mates
  • Share any information for possible publication in school news-letters like "The Informant" and “DARPAN”
  • Help locate alumni
  • Attend meetings and events as required
  • Help with the reunion/Parent Out Reach Program

For any queries or assistance please feel free to contact Unison World School Alumni Cabinet at