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Talent and potential lies within each one of us. At Unison, we stand committed to discovering and nurturing these gifts. We firmly believe that education is a connected process that includes valuable learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Finding a niche in which the girls can excel not only enhances girls’ self-confidence, but also gives them an outlet for enjoyment and self-expression.

Our broad co-curricular program gives girls the opportunity to experience interesting new activities of all kinds.


The School is divided into four Houses - Daffodil, Jasmine, Orchid and Tulip. It is a structured community within which the girls develop a feeling of loyalty, responsibility of living in a family and practice leadership. The Houses compete regularly in debates, quizzing, dramatics, dance, music, sports, etc. These activities inculcate a spirit of healthy competition among girls and encourage them to explore their hidden talents and bring out the best in them.


House Motto: Modesty

William Wordsworth in one of his beautiful literary works, composed the poem- ‘Daffodils’ after seeing a host’ of these flowers swaying in the breeze, and changed his dejected mood to one of joviality and inner peace. The House believes in inculcating multifaceted talents in its aspiring members yet keeping them unfazed, at the same time from vanity and superficiality.


House Motto: Simplicity

The Jasmine flower symbolizes love, life happiness and hope. With both a warming and cooling effect the color green denotes balance, harmony and stability.

As the motto of the house represents Simplicity- this lies in the girls and even the honesty in their work. They are ambitious towards any phase of their life.


House Motto: Serenity

Blue orchids specifically represent power, beauty and peace. The girls of Orchid House reckon that serenity is gained by accepting the things they cannot change and focusing their energy where they can make a difference.


House Motto: Honesty

The Tulip flower is an embodiment of Charity, Abundance, Prosperity and Honesty.

The house students are multi-dimensional, ready to face challenges with courage, wisdom, and commitment; rightfully living up to their motto.