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Tours & Treks

We, at UWS, believe in travel as a mode of learning. With an encouraging regularity, various domestic and international tours and treks are organized and conducted. A tour may be academic, exploratory or adventurous in nature, and helps the student explore our wonderful world full of natural and manmade mysteries.

The School takes advantage of its pristine and splendid location in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas to arrange adventure camps and treks. Activities include Trekking, Camping, Rafting, Rock Climbing, etc.

Prominent visits to premier institutes across the world include…

Educational Excursion to USA

Each year a group of at least 30 girls accompanied by three staff members from Unison World School visit NASA (National Aeronautical Space Administration) in Florida, USA. The visit provides hands on learning opportunities with Astronauts. Complete range of training activities at NASA generates interest in the field of Space and also enriches their knowledge on space exploration. Girls gain a deeper understanding of history of many manned and unmanned spaceflight programmes at NASA through the three day camp at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) which also includes the Astronaut Training Experience.

Our girls participate in Robotics workshop at MIT Boston. They participate in a guided tour of Harvard University and Parsons School of Design. The girls also experience the Niagara Adventure, which helps build independence and confidence as they explore new places in New York, feel like little princesses at Disney World and enjoy the rides at the Universal Studios.

Ski Training and Modern Language Learning Experience, Switzerland

Each year a group of at least 15 students and two staff members from Grades VI to XII participate in the Ski Training and Modern Language Learning Experience in Switzerland. The Ski Camp focuses on learning Skiing under the guidance of professional instructors and honing leadership attributes of the participants through Personal Development Workshops.

The Modern Languages Experience delivers learning of language practices at school with the natives, experiencing Alpine Adventure Sports, learning French and Spanish cuisines, besides etiquettes and skill building. This excursion also includes visiting important places of interest. The students get to explore the United Nations offices in Geneva through a guided tour. They also visit CERN, Red Cross, Callier Chocolate Factory and Gruyere Cheese Factory.

All this helps our girls in finding an extra edge in personality and persona, infusing new perspectives in the classroom.

International Award for Young People (IAYP)

The School is a member of the IAYP and encourages its girls to participate in its development programmes. Our girls compete for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Girls undertake community outreach programmes at Bandarjhud, Uttarakhand, and adventure activities at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarakhand.