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Assembly on William Shakespeare23-Apr-2024

On April 23rd, 2024, the English Department of Unison World school organized a special assembly to honour the legendary playwright William Shakespeare on his birthday. The assembly served as a platform to celebrate Shakespeare's enduring literary legacy and to inspire students with his timeless works. As part of the tribute, the English Department prepared a series of visually captivating PowerPoint slides highlighting key aspects of Shakespeare's life and works. These slides showcased Shakespeare's contributions to literature and theatre, offering insights into his unparalleled genius and influence. The presentation was skilfully delivered by Anya Agarwal, a student from Class XI, who expertly navigated through the slides with poise and confidence. Anchoring the assembly was Krithvi from Class X, who ensured a smooth flow of the event and engaged the audience with informative commentary and anecdotes related to Shakespeare. A highlight of the assembly was the recitation of one of Shakespeare's famous sonnets by Saanvi Sanghai, a talented student from Class XI. Saanvi's emotive delivery captured the essence of Shakespeare's poetry, leaving the audience spellbound and reflecting on the timeless beauty of his words.