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IH Middle School English Debate13-Apr-2024

On 13th April 2024, the Middle School students participated in the IH Middle School English Debate Competition, showcasing their eloquence and critical thinking skills. The motion, "Computer Hinders Creativity and Deep Connection with People," sparked intense debates as young debaters passionately defended their perspectives. The competition provided a platform for students to exhibit their debating prowess while honing their persuasive and analytical abilities. Participants engaged in spirited discussions, presenting strong arguments to support their stance on the motion. The event not only fostered healthy competition but also encouraged students to overcome their apprehensions and think critically about contemporary issues. Through rigorous preparation and active participation, students demonstrated their capacity to articulate complex ideas and engage in respectful discourse. In this thought-provoking debate, Orchid House won the debate and stood first. While Jasmine House made a niche on the second pedestal. Daffodil House and Tulip House bagged the third and the fourth place respectively.