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Inter House Hindustani Classical Vocal Competition16-Apr-2024

The Inter House Hindustani Classical Vocal Competition, organized by the Performing Arts Department on April 16, 2024, showcased a theme centered around a Raga Bandish, with each House presenting one Bhajan. Accompanied by teachers, participants delivered musical renditions of various Ragas, including Bhupali by Daffodil House, Kedar by Jasmine House, Behag by Orchid House, and Bhairavi by Tulip House. Judges evaluated the performances based on criteria such as the purity of the Raag and correct intonation of Swaras, composition-Bandish, perfection of Aalap and Tanas, accuracy in Taal and Laya, and overall presentation standard and impression. The participants left the judges impressed with their captivating performances. Jasmine House took the first position, with Tulip House securing second place, and Orchid House achieving third place.