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Fire Safety Awareness program08-Apr-2024

On 8th of April, Unison World school conducted Fire Safety Awareness program for middle school. The session commenced by discussing the significance of fire in our daily lives. Fire serves a multitude of functions, including providing warmth, facilitating cooking, and aiding in industrial processes. Nevertheless, if not handled with caution, it also poses inherent risks. It is essential to recognize the potential hazards associated with fire and the importance of proactive measures to prevent accidents and emergencies. In the event of a fire getting uncontrolled, it is imperative to remain calm and take swift, decisive action. Alerting others by shouting "Fire!" is the first step in warning them of the danger. Evacuating the area immediately and following designated escape routes can help ensure everyone's safety. Closing doors behind you can contain the fire's spread and minimize its impact. Additionally, promptly calling emergency services to report the fire is vital, as it enables trained professionals to respond quickly and effectively. To educate students about fire safety procedures, a role play was conducted at the football field. Instructors utilized simulators to simulate fire emergencies and guided students through various scenarios. This hands-on training provided students with practical experience in identifying fire hazards, evacuating safely, and using fire extinguishing equipment effectively. By engaging in these activities, students gained valuable knowledge and skills that can help them respond effectively in the event of a fire emergency.