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Huun Huur Tu- A Taste of World Music06-Feb-2024

UWS fraternity experienced magical moments, their heart and soul danced with ecstasy meandering as well as galloping amidst nature far from the chaotic din of daily life when they had the opportunity to experience divine musical notes and rendition on 6th Feb 2024. The musical performance was presented by Huun Huur Tu music group from Tuva, a Russian Federative Republic. It was organized by Tender Roots Academy of Performing Arts. Two distinct vocal notes blended simultaneously to the sound of conventional musical instruments swept the audience away to a phenomenal cosmos of melody that permeated the entire space with tranquillity. The folk music's enchanted allure captured the attention of every youngster, resulting in an engaging conversation with the performers and a standing ovation for the blissful songs that would resonate in every heart for eternity.