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Brilliant and Unstoppable Athenas at INSSDC05-Jan-2024

The Harder the Battle, The Sweeter the Victory - Les Brown Cheers to Athenas as they ushered 2024 with an uproar by clinching first position in the coveted 7th Annual Indian National Space Settlement Design Competition and are now all set to pave their way to success at the Asian Round. A team of 12 students from Unison World School participated in the event held from 5th Jan to 8th Jan 2024 at BML Munjal University Haryana. In accordance with the event's rules, our students worked with students from four other schools to establish the Vereinigten Flugfahrten -VF, elect its members, and then devise a project to investigate the viability of establishing a mining community on Moon. With the help of intense brainstorming sessions, sleepless nights, and rigorous group discussions, they were able to create a presentation that won the mining settlement bid by the jury. The three-day event helped students comprehend practically how companies operate, information moves from higher levels to lower levels and vice versa. They also acquired competence in teamwork, knowledge enhancement, communication skill improvement, time management, and collaboration during the settlement's creation