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Kalataru Inter School Competition-The Oasis 202306-May-2023

The Oasis School hosted Kalataru, an Inter School Competition, on May 6, 2023. Eleven schools participated in Eleven categories of the competition. Students of Unison World School participated in nine categories. By bagging first position in three events and second in two events, our students earned laurels. Bhavya Singhania won the Play with Coil Pattern competition. She created a 10-inch flower container using the coil technique. In Dream Catcher, Jaivi Divitha and Rashi Prasad won first place. They made a dream catcher based on the four seasons out of scrap materials. The winner of the My Logo competition was Yuvika Khemka. Ayati Khanna and Aadya Patwari won second place in the event for recycling bottles. Anika Bhutada secured second position in typography competition. She used typography to create nature.