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Denmark Exchange program by AFS30-Mar-2024

Gargi Agarwal from ALY2 and Tanvi Lohia from grade IGY1 embarked on an extraordinary journey to Ranum Efterskole College, Denmark, as part of an intercultural exchange program organized by AFS from March 3rd to March 30th. Out of numerous applicants from across India, only 5 students were selected for this prestigious program. Travelling independently from various parts of India, the students arrived in Denmark and were warmly received by AFS volunteers who guided them to their destination. At Ranum Efterskole College, the students encountered peers from diverse backgrounds, including Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, and America. Interacting with individuals from such varied cultures enriched the students' perspectives and instilled in them a deep appreciation for global citizenship. During their stay, the girls immersed themselves in Danish culture, sampling the cuisine, marvelling at the architecture, and experiencing student life firsthand. This invaluable experience broadened their horizons and left a lasting impression on their understanding of the world. Everyday brought new sets of challenges for them as they went out surfing, trekking, and exploring various cities all on their own. This journey made the girls confident and sociable. They enjoyed their excursion and established lifelong bonds. Changes such as growth and development were seen in the students, making them better and more self-dependent human being.