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Nehru Institute of Mountaineering05-Apr-2024

A group of fifty-two girls from Unison World School embarked on an adventure at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM). They were warmly greeted by the serene surroundings and NIM staff, who familiarized them with the campus and upcoming activities. After eagerly preparing their equipment, they enjoyed their evening by watching a Hollywood thriller "Vertical Limits." The following day commenced with physical conditioning, jogging through the scenic woods which made the girls swiftly adjust to the prevailing weather conditions. Mr. Vishal Ranjan briefed them on institute protocols, followed by an inspiring address from Colonel Anshuman Bhadauria, Principal NIM. Colonel A. Bhadauria interacted with the girls over tea and wished them good luck for the course. The following day the Athenas eagerly tackled sport climbing at Brig. Gyan Sport Climbing Arena. The girls then embarked on a trek to Tekhla, navigating through the rough terrain with determination. Upon reaching the camp, they swiftly pitched their tents and engaged in strenuous activities like rock climbing and rappelling. The following day brought another trek, this time to Varunawat Parvat, where they visited Vimleshwar temple and indulged in games, strengthening their camaraderie. They dismantled camp and headed to Rawara for river crossing and a visit to Kashi Vishwanath temple, concluding with a documentary on Ice Craft. Their final day began with a trek to Nachiketa Tal, where they fed fish before returning to NIM for the closing ceremony. Colonel Bhadauria lauded their achievements, advising resilience and composure in adversity. The next morning brought a mix of achievement and nostalgia as they bid farewell to NIM, cherishing memories of their transformative experience.