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Psychology Immersion Programme21-Jul-2023

In collaboration with Mindlogs Psychological Services, Unison World School hosted a psychology immersion programme on the topic Emerging Mental Health Practitioner Training from July 21 to 22nd, 2023. Dr. Sakshi Mehrotra, Mr. Vineet Tripathi, and Ms. Abhya Sharma served as the facilitators and gave the students information on the several facets of counselling, its different schools in practice, ethics in counselling, associated professional obligations and micro skills required for an effective therapist. To build the groundwork for counselling, the first day of the programme focused on defining what counselling comprises and how it varies from other helping professions. The facilitators spoke in depth about the fundamental counselling tenets of empathy, active listening, and unconditional positive regard. It enabled the students to fathom the importance and seriousness of creating a strong therapeutic alliance. The workshop's second day concentrated on experiential learning, during which the students learned useful information regarding counselling and therapy. The lessons aided the pupils in evaluating their own traits and those of those around them. For the students, it was a truly fascinating experience.