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Global Classrooms Training for Teachers25-Jul-2023

On July 25 and 26, 2023, the school held a two-day workshop for its teachers to equip UWS educators with the tools they need to promote global competence inside their school communities and beyond. The workshop on Global Classrooms Training for Teachers was led by Ms. Vibhooti Maldhari, the facilitator for AFS, India. Its goals were to examine intercultural issues in education, develop strategies for bridging multicultural classroom environments, and increase self-awareness and empathy for people from different cultural backgrounds and behaviour. The teachers found the variety of activities, such as icebreakers, discussions on cultural icebergs, strategies for avoiding stereotypes and framing them as positive generalizations, teamwork for task completion, learning gestures from various cultures, and observing, reporting, and interpreting a situation, to be interesting and educational.