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Vijayadashami-Burning Vices and Embracing Virtues24-Oct-2023

The girls cheered as the sky was lit with crackers when the huge effigy of ten headed demon king Ravana was burnt signifying the triumph of righteous over evil forces and marking the culmination of Dusshera festivity at Unison World School on 24th October 2023. The entire campus wore a festive look as everyone gathered to watch the Ramlila display put forth by grade 11th in the amphitheatre, the atmosphere was heightened by the joy of celebration in each person's heart and the vibrant ethnic clothing worn by the students and the teachers. In addition to reliving important moments in Lord Rama's life, and his victory over Ravana, the spectacular Ramlila brought forth the message that we must adhere to the path of virtues. Following this, Ignatia '24 and Principal Dr. Mona Khanna burned an effigy of Ravana. The Athenas then let their hair down while dancing to the DJ on songs of their choice.