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Spic Macay State Convention - Day 101-Sep-2023

Unison World School is hosting three-day Spic Macay State Convention from 1st -3rd September 2023. The programme is held regularly to promote Indian Culture, classical and folk music as well as dance to help spread love and respect for our culture and tradition. On day one many school and university students from across the state and country participated in the conference to witness and learn from eminent mentors. The convention was graced by prominent artists who have been conferred Padamshree and Padam Vibhushan award in their respective fields. After a brief orientation of the participants by Prof Radha Mohan Tiwari the students had an opportunity to enjoy Tibetan Music by Sanjor Tsonk, Garhwali folk song by Padamshree awardee Dr.Madhuri Barthwal and Sattriya a dance form by Dr Anwesa Mahanta. The beautiful renditions and the dance depicting a conversation between Lord Krishna and his mother mesmerized the audience. The students also had the privilege to attend intensives to learn from skilled artists and craftsmen. The enthusiasm of the students was evident in all the 18 intensives as they were willing to learn more even after the scheduled hour. In the second session of the day the chief Guest Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal and Principal Dr Mona Khanna lit the ceremonial lamp. There after the entire venue resounded with euphonic music and lyrics as Dr. Ranjam, Dr. Sangeeta Shankar and Pt Ulhas Kashalkar. The spell binding performance was immensely enjoyed by the students and marked the commencement of day one.