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National Science Day Celebration28-Feb-2024

Ask the right questions, and nature will open the doors of her secrets’ -CV Raman Athenas delved deep into the field of science embracing the spirit of observation, inquiry, and exploration on 28th February 2024 to celebrate the contribution of our scientists and commemorate the ground-breaking discovery of Raman Effect on the occasion of National Science Day. The chief guest Dr. Anita Rawat Director USERC encouraged young minds to foster a culture of skills, innovation and critical thinking. The event was held in collaboration with ThinkTac a social enterprise which develops experiential STEM learning programme. The excitement, sense of achievement followed by inquisitiveness were evident on each face as the children indulged in a series of engaging of activities which compelled them to analyse their observation and think innovatively. The highlight of the day was the DIY Respirometer, Propeller activities, Understanding and making sound producing instruments, Water sprays, constructing motor using electromagnetism to understand and apply its principles. The National Science Day was a resounding success at UWS as it renewed in the students a passion for scientific discovery and left them awe struck with the newfound knowledge fostering a deeper appreciation of science and its application in everyday life.