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Spic Macay State Convention - Day 202-Sep-2023

Unison World School is hosting three-day Spic Macay State Convention from 1st -3rd September 2023. The programme is held regularly to promote Indian Culture, classical and folk music as well as dance to help spread love and respect for our culture and tradition. Day two of the Spic Macay State Convention at Unison World School started in the early morning hours as the students assembled for yoga session learning and practicing Naad Yog and Hath Yog. It infused the students with new vigour for the day. During the intensive sessions, the students were brimming with enthusiasm as some learnt new skills and others enhanced their skills under skilled mentors from SPIC MACAY. Keeping with the objective of imparting values among the youth for their culture and tradition, on day two of the convention the students had an exhilarating and enriching experience. Eminent environmentalist and author Dr Vandana Shiva stirred everyone with her speech and dinned in them love and respect for mother earth, regard for resources and our culture. The intricate foot work and precise rhythmic movement during the Kathak performance by famous Maestro Shri Vishal Krishna mesmerized everyone. The last performance of the day showcased the traditional dance form Gotipua from the state of Orissa. The dance moves and breath-taking formations by young boys left everyone speechless. The day concluded with lot of anticipation among students to perform and present their work on the concluding day