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AFS India Regional Meet12-May-2023

On 12th of May, 2023 a delegation team with two girls, a teacher and Principal went to Pine Grove school, Kasauli,, Himachal Pradesh to attend the AFS India Regional Meet-North Zone Member Schools from Unison World School. Total delegation of 38 schools reached to the venue to participate in this conference. The theme of the conference was Inspire and Imagine.Session With Lt. Gen Surendra Kulkarni Lt Gen Surendra Kulkarni is a director of Mayo College, Ajmer. The topic of his session was ‘Leadership Matters’. The session focused on leadership, and the students saw examples of famous leaders throughout history. Leadership qualities of Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Jobs, Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthy were highlighted and discussed. The students shared their ideas and opinions on the leadership traits of those famous personalities. Some of these qualities are timely unreasonable, good communication, determination, generosity, self-confidence, courage, and humility in the face of arrogance. The students should follow how to lead effectively and in the appropriate path. The primary takeaways were to stand up for a concept, to adapt the world, to practise your belief, to develop assurance in difficult circumstances, and to express your empathy. Lt. Gen. Surendra Kulkarni addressed all the students' concerns about leadership during the question-and-answer session that followed. The entire session was interactive, incredibly engaged, and all of those involved had clearly grasped what he was proposing. Session With Ms. Manjula Devis. Manjula Devi is the Ms. Manjula Devi is the AFS program coordinator of AFS India Started the session with the brief history of AFS. She shared the goal of AFS and the scope of learning in inter cultural programs of AFS. She has shared views on amalgamation of best practices by AFS. The students who were part of exchange programs to Japan and Denmark were asked to share their experiences. The parent of the host family was also called to share his experience of hosing a Thai student for 10 months. Also, Ms. Manjula shared the program details for participating school. The domestic exchange programs with National schools are explained. The teachers who have completed the program on Global Competency were also asked to share their experiences. Ms. Manjula invited Mr. Tejas Jain to announce the program MU20 in Indore Session With Dr. Sumer Singh Post lunch session Reimaging AFS, for school principals and teachers are taken by Dr. Sumer Singh, who is a member advisor of AFS. He has shared the mission and impact of experiential learning. He insisted the soft skill-based learning for students and educators. He also shared his experience and view on role of learners as a global citizen. Learning by doing in a rural environment and out of the comfort zone was insisted by him. Session with Mr. Jayant Krishna A session for students were planned with Mr. Jayant Krishna. UWS students participated in that session The topic of the session was Nurturing a global mindset for all round success. In sharp contrast to what one might expect from an after-lunch session, Mr. Jayant Krishna made it highly interesting, entertaining, and lively. He began by citing negative stereotypes of Indians held by outsiders, which was undoubtedly hurtful. However, he also made mention of how that viewpoint was evolving over time. To make his argument clear to the audience, he used anecdotes, jokes, riddles, and examples. He emphasised the idea that opportunities don't just knock on your door. They present themselves as unsolvable difficulties. Additionally, he performed a fantastic activity to demonstrate how, sometimes, even though it seems like we are the ones making the decisions, it turns out that someone else is in charge behind the scenes. He concluded by telling a tale that served as a reminder to be original and defy the crowd.