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Formal Farewell 30-Jan-2024

Elegantly attired in their graduation gowns as the batch of 2023-24 assembled in the MPH on 30th Jan 2024 they experienced a tumult of emotions during the Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and invocation of God's blessings for the graduating class of 2024. Encouraging the Athenas to believe in themselves and not let anyone undermine them, the school head girl Diva Hundia reflected on her time at school. Following this, the prefects marched onto the podium for a solemn badge-laying ceremony, where they presented their badges to Dr. Mona Khanna, the school principal. As they handed Zerexes 0'25 the legacy candle, Ignatia 0'24's eyes welled with tears and their hearts overflowed with pride. The school principal Dr Mona Khanna in her speech urged Ignatia’s to face the adversities of life with a smile like a true Athena. The farewell ceremony concluded with a formal photograph session