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Teachers Seminar On POCSO And Grooming14-Jul-2023

On 14th July 2023 to empower the teachers with POCSO ACT and Personality Development two sessions were held at Unison World School. Child Safety Our Concern Safety of a child is a shared responsibility of the parents, teachers, and the society. The safety of the children is a prime concern of every parent, and they entrust the school with the same responsibility. Keeping the trust of the parents intact the school organized an enriching and interactive session on POCSO (Prevention of Child Sexual Offences). The resource person was Colonel Alankar Bhardwaj; CEO Team IRIS. The intent was to enrich the entire school Community about the POCSO Act 2012 and empower them to make the school and society a safe place for children. The session helped remove fallacies about the Act, facilitated the staff with child sexual abuse indicators and efficient ways to handle such sensitive situation if encountered. The discussions helped to have a deep insight on POCSO Act 2012 and strengthen their commitment for a safe environment for all. Grooming For School Faculty One of the requisites for teachers in the present times is grooming themselves to empower the learning process and development of the students. Teachers not only need to maintain a neat and professional look that aligns with the standard and expectations of the school environment but also helps build positive relation with colleagues, parents, and students. As a result, Ms. Shilpa Jain, a certified soft skill, and grooming trainer, led a grooming session for school faculty. She gave the teachers advice on how to develop their personalities even more, exhibit positive body language with the right elegance and grace, and serve as role models for the pupils.