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Earth day19-Apr-2024

A video conference on climate change was conducted in Unison World school on 19th of April,24 to commemorate Earth Day. The session was facilitated by Ms. Somaya Tarawneh, a resource person. The central question posed during the session was, "What should an individual do to save the Earth?" Participants emphasized the importance of minimizing plastic usage, promoting afforestation, and maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings. They highlighted the significance of raising awareness about the detrimental effects of pollutants on human health. The session saw active engagement from a total of 40 participants, who shared diverse perspectives on individual contributions towards environmental conservation. An issue concerning the dumping of non-renewable waste and its adverse impacts was sensitized. Participants engaged in discussions regarding sustainable waste management practices to tackle this issue. The dialogue emphasized the importance of joint efforts in decreasing pollution and its effects. Apart from the hosting institution, Sri Ram Global School, Lucknow, and CMS Jopling Road also actively participated in the conference, enriching the discussion with varied perspectives and insights. The conference facilitated crucial discussions on climate change and personal accountability for environmental preservation, emphasizing the importance of united action to protect the Earth for the forthcoming generations.