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IAYP -Adventure Camp19-May-2023

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach of us more than we can ever learn from books.” -John Lubboc After the psychologically taxing exams and right before the start of summer break 25 students undertook an ordeal for an adventure camp from 19th May to 23rd May 2023 to Camp Inside Passage, Chakrata with the aim to qualify for the IAYP Gold Award. Nestled amidst the huge-towering coniferous and oak trees Chakrata is idyllic and serene for adventurous activities by enthusiastic campers. The diverse flora and narrow trails of the forest gave the students a sneak peek into the mountain life and the immeasurable joy of being close to nature. Witnessing the spectacular sunrise early morning and sunset during the evening in the cool breeze of the Himalayas were cherishing moments for the students as they felt mesmerized by the unfathomable beauty. The five-day programme included extensive treks to the surrounding hamlet, local temple, interactions with the locals, interviews with the village pradhan, treasure hunts, cooking rajma-chawal and Maggie after the taxing walks. The meals they made were the most anticipated and enthusiastically consumed meals of the day since the treks increased their hunger. Students participated in a cleanliness drive on the way back to the campground by collecting non-biodegradable items and tidying the hike path. The students also put up a ‘Nukkad- Natak’ in the nearby village conveying the message of gender equality for sustainable development. Other activities like rock climbing, and rappelling infused the children with determination to face hurdles courageously, maintain their poise during difficult times. The trip gave the students an opportunity to work efficiently as a team during the various team activities. Despite the hectic and back breaking activities throughout the day children eagerly looked forward to the Ghost story sessions and the bonfire at the camp site after dinner. The adventure camp instilled a new confidence among the students as they practically realized the value of discipline, punctuality, togetherness, leadership, and the beauty of life in the lap of nature.