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Collaborative Experiential Learning28-Feb-2024

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’. In commemoration of National Science Day on February 28, 2024, students from UWS and The Doon School worked together on the theme ‘Science for a Sustainable Future’ to promote experiential learning, investigate various scientific fields, honour diversity in thought, and strengthen interpersonal development skills. Twenty students from The Doon School took part in scientific experiments carried out at UWS. Using a PowerPoint, the students were first given an overview of VR 3D glasses. The children then used convex lenses to create VR 3D glasses by cutting the carton boxes to the correct dimensions according to their needs, they were assisted by UWS students and mentors. The triumph of their endeavour was apparent from the smile and excitement on their faces. They also learned how to repurpose cardboard, a waste material. As part of collaborative learning effort, twenty UWS students also took part in science experiments conducted by The Doon School. Athenas enjoyed hands on learning as they made a variety of Soaps and Sanitizers using natural oil and other natural ingredients. They also gained knowledge of The Doon School-run NEST society's efforts. The experiential learning activities conducted at both the institutions helped children maximize educational experience, hone high order thinking skills, prepare for real life social situations and realize the importance of scientific temperament,