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Educational Excursion16-Apr-2023

An educational excursion was organized on 16th of April, 2023 by the Unison World School for the new students. The school organizes several educational excursions throughout the year for fun filled learning. A team of 136 new students along with 14 teachers had gone to Maldevta Farms, an adventure themed farmhouse, located on the banks of river Song, some 6 kms away from the school. The students had a great day of fun-filled activities. The Day started with a Trek through mangrove to nearby Maldevta Riverside. This challenging trek was conquered by the students with a welcoming attitude. After which they had some fun time on the banks of the river. After the Trek, the team was welcomed back to farm with refreshments and Lunch. After some rest, music and dance were the time for adventure activities. The students got over their apprehensions and fear and tried new challenges in the form of Rope Way crossing, Plank Crossing, Burma Bridge and Riverside Crossing. In the evening after having healthy tasty snacks, the students had Musical Jamming session and DJ. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day, bonding with their teachers and peers. The day was filled with fun, laughter and happiness and ended on a perfect note with dancing around the Bonfire. The students returned safely to school.