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Online Talk Show with Mr. Alex Hoberg from Australia06-Aug-2020

On 6th August, 2020, a member of the prestigious Olympic 10m air Rifle Australian Shooting team successfully organised a ‘Talk Show’ with Unison World School Girls’ Shooting Team. The 18 years old young champion has dreams of the world in his eyes. When asked about his achievements Mr. Alex very humbly said, “It’s all in the mind and nothing is impossible in the world. Right amount of training, healthy diet, correct mindset and a balanced life is all you need”. His words reflect his maturity and understanding of the game and that he has come a long way in life despite his young age. Our girls were highly inspired by his story and experiences as a shooter. He also shared his pre-match routine, diet plan and different meditation techniques which will help shooters in overcoming anxiety before the game. Mr. Alex, besides educating our students about the science of subconscious mind and how one can enhance their grip over it, also laid down the importance of routine chart in workout and training. He inspired the players by imparting the knowledge of training so hard that the game becomes a part of their system. When one of the students asked him about his beliefs he said, “Everyone has a champion inside them, all it takes is the courage to unleash it”. Overall, it was an enriching experience for all the students.