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On the 6th and 7th of August, an Inter House All-India Political Parties Meet Competition was organized for Lower School students with the motive of providing exposure for such conferences. The theme was “Adaptability amid Catastrophes”, and the agenda was “India espousing sustainability and self-dependence amid the pandemic”. Students could relate it with the current Covid crisis and made tremendous effort to research the agenda well. The AIPPM was chaired by Ms. Drishti Manju, an alumna. In all 32 students from all the four houses participated in the event. It was great to see young minds debate and discuss an important issue. On the second day, the agenda given to them was “Condition of women during the pandemic”. By the end of the discussion, the delegates drew a meaningful memorandum with a constructive solution to the crisis. Most of the students discussed the issues putting forth their arguments in a logical and constructive manner. It was a great learning experience for all the participants. The first position was secured by Orchid Hose students. The second and third position were secured by Jasmine and Daffodil House respectively. Anika Bhutada was declared the best delegate. Sanvi Sanghai and Avika Dhukia received Special and Honorary mention respectively.