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Talk with Mr Sonam Wangchuk12-Oct-2019

On 12th October, 2019, the girls of Unison World School had the privilege to interact with Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, who is an eminent Indian engineer, innovator and education reformist. In his speech, he shared with the audience that the current education system needs reformation. He believes that we are still following an old mode of education, about 300 years old, where we collect knowledge but now it's time to apply it. All lessons should be made unforgettable. In this age of technology, the students use it to get an answer to every question. The internet provides only knowledge to the pupils but Mr. Wangchuk told the students that it cannot teach them to how to apply the same. Mr. Wangchuk emphasised on the need of skilled hands. He also stated that the era of 3R's is over, and to become pioneer entrepreneurs one must have the skills, not just knowledge. He regretted the fact that even the best of schools produce students who are good at exams but need to be later re-educated by their employers. He added that special students are those who experiment and discover with or without the support of their institution. According to him all three H's are essential: head, hand and heart. Head represents the knowledge one amasses, hands are for application and heart is for compassion and kindness. No social good can be achieved without a compassionate heart. He believes that women are compassionate and kind naturally and if they had the opportunity to run the planet, it would have been a different world, perhaps. The girls had an interactive session with him and he advised them to work to find a solution to a problem and not for fame or money.