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Visit to Cambridge University Campus27-Sep-2019

The Zoology museum had brilliant new galleries, which displayed the diversity of animal life, from marsupials to monkeys, mammoths to manatees, cockroaches to crocodiles. Each display unit carried the stories of extinction, survival, evolution and exploration of the various species. There were varieties of specimens and skeletons of all the animal forms. The students were given a questionnaire to be filled up which they did excitedly by going to each corner of the museum searching for the answers. After the museum visit, the students went to the Cam River for punting. Punting is ‘the ideal way’ to see the riverside colleges in both comfort & style. It is actually a boat ride on the river where the boatman points out all the important buildings located on the sides of the river and the history behind it. The girls got to see few well-known sights, like -the Bridge of Sigh’s, Kings College, the chapel, the Mathematical Bridge, as well as the famous Trinity Hall college, where Stephen Hawking had studied. The girls returned enriched and refreshed too after the amazing punting session in the rains.