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Navy Week Celebration 03-Dec-2022

Venue: National Hydrology Office, Dehradun, India   Organizer: Navy Wives Welfare Association    On 3rd of December 2022 20 Students from grades 9th, 10th and 11th, escorted by Mr. Abhinav and Mrs. Shakuntala, visited the National Hydrology Office situated at Dehradun. The event hosted around 200 children from more than 10 schools across the city on Saturday as part of Navy Week 2022.    The students learnt about the role of the Indian Navy in maintaining the safety and security of Indian Coastlines and the Indian Ocean area. The students viewed an illustrious and engaging visual display for the same. They came to know about various operations and capabilities of the Indian Navy through the presentation of Lieutenant Commander Shekhawat and various career options through the presentation of Lieutenant Commander Sangeeta. During the visit, the students also saw a static display of various instruments used by the hydrology office to survey and prepare Oceanographic maps. The students’ visit to the museum lets them have the opportunity to see various valuable exhibits that exhort ever-increasing Naval importance in today’s world.