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Unison World School hosted its very first Inter School MUN on the 29th and 30th of October 2020. A great deal of preparation ultimately came through to a successful conclusion. This event was hosted on the school’s Microsoft Teams platform, with a central theme of ‘Deliberate, Defend and Determine for a Finer Tomorrow’. Delegates from 9 different schools from all over India participated, including Unison World School, with a team of 7 delegates from each school. The conference was host to 4 different UN committees: UNSC, UNHRC, UNODC and UNCSW; the International Press, and an ad-hoc committee, the JCSJC. This structure was backed by the Secretariat that coordinated the event, behind the screens. Various different issues were raised that needed urgent consideration and deliberation and these were reflected in the agendas of the various committees. The idea behind the MUN was to push young minds to think about issues that are greater and beyond their bubbles of interaction. The idea was to help develop the skills of deliberating, defending, and determining their future to shape the world they would like to live in. For the very same reason, the conference anthem, ‘Heal the world’ by Michael Jackson, was chosen. Delegations were addressed by the esteemed chief guests, Ms. Mugdha Sinha and Dr. Mohan Kumar, the presence of whom, delighted and inspired all our delegates. Unison World School was able to successfully host the first edition of UWSMUN, thanks to the immeasurable support of authorities concerned, the student led secretariat, the IT team, MUN Coordinator and her team of teachers, and the delegations.