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Pria Warrick Finishing Academy Workshop03-Nov-2019

Pria Warrick Workshop was conducted in Unison World School, Dehradun. The students were very excited to meet Ms. Warrick and were receptive throughout the sessions. The main objective of these sessions was to understand the importance of etiquette in the social world. The sessions included greetings and introductions. Various role plays and activities were conducted to enhance practical learning. The students learned the art of formal dining through a practical gala lunch. The girls were allowed to dress in their casual formals and were very keen to learn about the use of cutlery for various cuisines provided to them. The students seemed very receptive throughout the session while learning about dining etiquette from Ms. Warrick. Later, the students were divided into groups and were given different themes such as Rainbow, Pirates of the Caribbean , Harry Potter and various other themes in the Art of entertaining session and based on those they had to prepare and showcase an invite, a suitable menu and also the dress code. The main agenda of the Forever Spring session was to help the students to self introspect. This was followed by the Dance Therapy which the students thoroughly enjoyed. They were asked to use their body to relax their mind instead of their mind to relax their body. Overall the sessions were exciting and effective.