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UWS Holi Celebration19-Mar-2022

Unison World School celebrated Holika Dahan in the hockey field on March 17th March 2022. All the Uthenas decked up in vibrant traditional attire added to the festive atmosphere. The principal; Ms Divya Dwivedi lit the holy pyre, and as the students encircled it, they prayed for peace, harmony and wellbeing of all. Following that, the girls danced their hearts out to the music played during the celebration. The next day, the entire Uthena family gathered in the hockey field to celebrate Holi, the much-anticipated festival of colour, delight, and togetherness. Following environment friendly practises, the school had arranged for organic herbal Holi colours for the students. The hockey field was a mash-up of ecstatic students who splattered colour on their peers and teachers. Everyone danced to the DJ and relished the savouries, especially gujiya. The high spirited and jubilant festivity concluded with innumerable cherishing memories.