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Talk Show on Nutrition15-Aug-2020

“Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow”- Linus Pauling Unison World School successfully organised an online talk show on ‘Nutrition Education’ with Ms. Ekkta Kundu, a clinical and sports specialist on Saturday, 15th August, 2020. Ms. Ekkta confabulated about the importance of nutrition in growing Athlete’s immunity, importance of nutrients for kids, sports nutrition and other valuable topics. She also talked about “3 Super” Foods- Coconut water, watermelon and pumpkin seeds and their importance in the lives of children. The session was insightful for both students and parents. Ms. Ektta also highlighted the importance of water and balanced diet in our lives and shared personal experiences with allergies and how to deal with them. She also brought forth the significance of customized meals for each individual. In the Q&A session, parents inquired from Ms. Ekkta about certain allergies and their symptoms in kids. Students were also curious to know about optimum sleeping hours, eating healthy snacks and increasing their stamina. The talk show was very informative and helpful for the concerned parents and curious students.