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School Rules & Policies 

Unison World School (UWS) is an All Girls’ Residential School. Its serene ambience and secure environment makes it a perfect place for education. It has a maximum strength of 475 students. The Management has consciously chosen not to grow larger than this. The Dean of Academics is responsible to the Principal for coordinating the various stages of academic programming. Every student is important as an individual and as such the faculty can get to know each student personally. Learning lies at the heart of all activities, in an environment when students can enjoy being themselves, developing their strengths and personalities. The School admits students from Grades 5 to 12. The strength of each class does not exceed normally more than 25 students and the teacher to student ratio is maintained at 1:8. It is an English medium School.

UWS’s academic structure is designed to ensure maximum effectiveness in the delivery of curriculum and other aspects of academic programming.
Junior School      -    Grades V.
Middle School    -    Grades VI to VIII.
Senior School     -    Grades IX to XII.

3.1.1    Indian Curriculum (CISCE)
The School is affiliated to the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations),New Delhi, the All-India Board for the ICSE - Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (Grade X) and ISC-Indian School Certificate (Grade XII) Board Examinations. At the 10+2 level, students may opt for one of the following streams: Science, Humanities and Commerce. All students follow the same subject pattern as prescribed by CISCE. A third language and computer literacy are compulsory up to grade VIII. Art, Craft, Music, Dance and Sports are compulsory activities for all classes up to grade XII.

3.1.2    International Curriculum (CIE)
The School offers students an opportunity to opt for Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) if they desire admission in foreign universities. The rigorousness and high standards of IGCSE ensure that colleges and universities around the world, (including prestigious universities in India) recognize its certificate as a superior academic programme and a strong university entry credential.

3.1.3    Special Attention Classes

The School has been ranked among the top ten residential Schools of India for the individual attention paid to students here. There are differences in the academic standards of the many regions that our students hail from. In order to ease the transition into our mainstream classes, students who have not been given the required academic background are placed in special attention groups and oriented to cope with their classmates. Similar groups are also created for students who are lagging behind their peers. The qualified resident School counsellor assists each student with her academic, emotional well-being or vocational difficulties.

3.1.4    Prepwork

Prepwork is set for all students. It is an integral part of the curriculum and is necessary in order to cover the syllabus. It is an extension of class work. Students are given the necessary time to do Prepwork during the prep hours in School. Prepwork may take a range of forms including:
i.    The completion of class work
ii.   Reading
iii.  Writing
iv.  Research/ Project work
v.   Mathematical problems
vi.  Memorizing spellings and tables etc.

The first supervised Prep is held in the academic block for students.
The second Prep is held in chalets, which is supervised by Tutors and Matrons.
Any student not observing Prep will be issued two warnings. A third warning may result in the denial of outing. The students will do extra Prep on Sunday.

CISCE & CIE Curriculum    
First Continuous Assessment      :    April – May
Second Continuous Assessment :    July – August
Mid Term Examination                 :    September
Third Continuous Assessment    :    October – December
Annual Examination                     :    March

The principles of teaching and learning which guide the academic work in the School are as follows:
i.   The teachers will have high expectations of their students and will be dedicated to inspire and encourage those that they teach.
ii.  The teachers will listen to students’ ideas. They will involve students in their learning and discuss how they can make progress.
iii. The teachers will assess students’ work and provide feedback regularly.
iv.  There will be close liaison between the academic teachers and the Class Teacher of each student and regular feedback on the academic and pastoral progress of the student will be given to parents on a weekly basis. In turn, parents are expected to work in partnership with the School to guide their wards in the importance of dedicated learning and positive studying.
v.   All students are expected to come to each class with an appropriate attitude for positive learning.
vi.  We expect all students to exhibit polite and sensible behaviour, a proactive approach towards learning a questioning approach if they do not understand and an attitude that they wish to achieve their very best.
vii. The teachers will not tolerate indiscipline in the classroom, and any student who does not approach their studies in an appropriate manner, will be subject to the Scale of Sanctions as listed later in this booklet.

i.   It is understood that in choosing UWS for your ward, you are interested in her all round development. It is therefore, essential that she participates in all the programmes/ activities of the School. Absence during term time will affect her performance and will be the responsibility of the parents.
ii.  Classes are central to the process of education at UWS. Deliberately missing lessons will be treated as an act of indiscipline and subject to the Scale of Sanctions as listed later in this booklet.
iii. 100% attendance is expected from each student during the academic session, promotion to the next class may be affected by absence.
iv.  For orthodontal leave, only those with ‘braces’ may be considered, students with ‘retainers’ are not considered. Other orthodontal treatments may only be permitted on specific certificate by the personal dentist and on the recommendation of the RMO.
 v.   Parents are requested to arrange treatment of their ward during vacations as far as possible. Leaves for medical reasons may only be allowed, if recommended by the RMO.
vi.  Extension of vacation period is not allowed under any circumstances and will be viewed seriously.
vii. If the student’s absence from School is unavoidable, an application by the parent must be given in writing to the Dean Pastoral, stating the reason(s). On the recommendation of the Dean Pastoral, the leave may be sanctioned by the Principal only at her discretion

The School is divided into four Houses namely: Daffodil, Jasmine, Orchid and Tulip. The Houses are the focus of most of the activities outside the classroom and serve to promote a spirit of friendly rivalry and healthy competition in sporting and cultural activities. They also help to promote a feeling of belonging amongst the members of the School who are from different backgrounds. Each House has a House Coordinator, a House Prefect and a Vice Prefect. The House to each student is allotted by the School at the time of admission and no change of House is permitted.

i.   All students are expected to participate in co-curricular activities.
ii.  All students must choose one form of Dance, one activity from the Music Department, one activity from the Art & Craft Department and one Sport each term.
iii. These subjects are an integral part of their overall development and are a serious element of the curriculum. No student is permitted to miss any of these activities.
iv.  Every student must be properly dressed for the correct sport, with the correct shoes and socks and bring the correct equipment.
v.   Sports / Musical / Art equipment should only be purchased after coach’s / teacher’s approval.
The aim of the School is to produce top class quality students in sport, music, dance, art at National and International Level, and we will support students in their efforts.

3.6.1    Sports Policy:
i.   Sports and other physical activities are an integral part of School life.
ii.  In any sporting activity competition must primarily be against oneself. The goal should be the mastery of one’s muscles, nerves and temper in the performance of a difficult game.
iii. The focus should be on helping each student reflect her individual interest and abilities.

3.6.2    Clubs & Societies:
i.   Every student is expected to be a member of at least one club or society.

3.6.3    International Award for Young People:
i.   At UWS, students above 14 years of age are expected to enroll themselves for the “International Award of Young People” (IAYP).

3.6.4    Social & Community Service:
i.   Social  &  Community  Service  is  compulsory  for  all  students.  As  part  of winter/summer vacation all students must prove that they have undertaken Community Service. This must be evidenced by way of a photo diary to be submitted on their return to School to their Class Teacher.
ii.  Each student is required to complete a certain number of hours of Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW).

To give our students optimum exposure, educational tours (Domestic and International), international exchange programmes, trekking, camping, sport/cultural trips and visits to other Schools are organized from time to time.
Before embarking, a proper discussion and briefing of various safety measures required during the trip is done by the lead teacher. A local guide will be taken where necessary.
If an accident occurs or a student falls ill, she is taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. The teacher incharge will make sure that the School and Parents are informed as quickly as possible. The parent shall be responsible to reimburse the cost of any medical expense(s) arising out of such accident and/or sickness.
In case during such tour & trek, any accident to life or limb may occur to a student, the Principal, Unison World School, its Management and Staff should not be held in any way responsible.

3.7.1    Expectations from the Students
i.   For all outstation visits, students are expected to display the highest levels of commitment and behaviour and follow all instructions given.
ii.  Students  are  representatives  of  the  School  and  are  expected  to  behave  as ambassadors for both the School and their country.
iii. Each student will carry her own water bottle, which shall only be filled at clean water stations/ locations.
iv.  No student should go on an errand alone and movement should always be in pairs.
v.   Short cuts will be avoided, as they can be hazardous.
vi.  All School rules and regulations are applied at all time and students are expected to abide by them.

3.7.2    Expectations from the Parents
i.   Parents are requested to give blanket permission for their ward(s) to join School organized tour & trek.
ii.  By giving this blanket permission parents are giving consent to their wards to take part in any related travel, excursion, expedition, tours and treks organized by the School

3.8    VISA
i.   A student visa may be required for students not holding Indian Nationality. It is the parent’s responsibility to check immigration status of their ward.
ii.  Once a student has been accepted for admission, the School will issue a letter of confirmation with effective duration of stay at the School. This document may be used as part of the visa application.
iii. It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to maintain a current visa.
iv.  Please ensure that student’s passport is valid at all times.

i.  The School arranges to transport all outstation students, on chargeable basis, to and from New Delhi by School organized escorted chartered Coaches, according to the dates scheduled in the School calendar on and from a common point. Alternatively, the parents may opt for air travel from Dehradun airport for which the School shall arrange escorted pick up/drop on chargeable basis. No transport of students shall be organized by the School by train, cabs or any other mode of transport.
ii.  There will be no pick ups/ drop offs en-route Dehradun and New Delhi.
iii. All students are expected to travel in School dress and not change their clothing en- route. This is for safety reasons.
iv. Written permission accompanied by advance payment (as per applicable charges) is required for travel arrangements to be made. Information along with confirmed ticket should arrive not later than 30 days prior to the date of journey.
v.   The name of the authorized person receiving an unaccompanied minor at her destination needs to be given at the time of requesting the service.
vi.  Parents  who  do  not  wish  to  avail  this  service  should  make  their  own  travel arrangements and inform the School.
vii. The School will not take any responsibility for students sent unaccompanied, by train. It is unsafe and School requests parents not to do this. All students travelling by train must be picked up from School and dropped at School, by their own escort, in School uniform.
viii. If an accident occurs or a student falls ill, she will be taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. The escort incharge will make sure that the School and Parents are informed as quickly as possible. The parent shall be responsible to reimburse the cost of any medical expense(s) arising out of such accident and/or sickness.
ix.   In case during such journey, any accident to life or limb may occur to a student, the Principal, Unison World School, its Management and Staff should not be held in any way responsible.

3.10.1  Pastoral Care

The School aims to support parents in the task of boosting the growth of firm moral values and self-discipline. The aim of pastoral care is to ensure that students are equipped with the latest information necessary for living in an increasingly complex international society. We believe that the most effective forms of discipline are, for example, consistent high expectations and the polite insistence on good behaviour. All students are encouraged to work positively through the use of their "My Passport to Success" which rewards positive actions in all areas of School life and will contribute to house spirit.
All teachers have a pastoral responsibility for students and, in order to fulfill that role effectively, there will be occasions where teachers will meet either with their class to discuss various topics, or with an individual student to support her in her learning. In some instances a Class Teacher might decide a student needs further counselling. In this case, the concerned student’s name will be passed to the School counsellor and the parents will be informed.

3.10.2  Boarding Chalets
i.   Each Boarding Chalet has spacious Student's Dorms, shared by maximum 4 to 8 students, with attached toilets.
ii.  Each Chalet has common room with indoor games, television, music system and computers.
iii. Every student is allocated a bed, cabinet, study table & chair, in a Dorm supervised by the Chalet Incharge who is supported by team of Tutors, Matrons & Sahayikas (Attendants). All staff in the chalet are females only.
iv.  Newspapers/ Magazines are provided on daily basis in the common rooms.
v.   A daily housekeeping service is provided by the School.
vi.  All Chalets are duly supervised by a lady security team, round the clock.

3.10.3  Laundry
i.   Laundry services are provided by the School. Clothes for wash are taken every alternate day.
ii.  The Matron ensures that each student hands over her laundry according to the laundry roster.
iii. The students drop their clothes/ towels to the designated place for laundry before breakfast and collect the same after dinner.
iv.  All clothing and personal articles must be clearly marked/ tagged with the Student’s Admission Number.
v.   Any clothing or article not previously labelled is marked by the School for identification purpose.
vi.  While great care is taken during the washing process, students are requested not to put any items that are delicate or not dyed fast, into the laundry.
vii. Bed linen is given to the laundry twice a week.
viii.Students shall wear washed dress/clothes only on a daily basis.
ix.  Under  garments/  socks/  handkerchief  are  washed  everyday  in  washing machines handled by sahayikas.

3.10.4  Dining Rules

i.    Students must attend all meals and refreshments unless permission has been granted otherwise by the Chalet Incharge/ RMO.
ii.   All meals are vegetarian, however egg is provided in breakfast and some meals.
iii.  Meals are prepared keeping in mind uniform taste palate. Individual or specific region based taste palate may not be catered to.
iv.   Students are expected to properly wash their hands before and after each meal.
v.    Students should always tie their hair properly before entering the dining hall.
vi.   Students are guided as to proper table manners and dining etiquettes.
vii.  Students should queue according to their designated counter.
viii. Noise levels should be at a minimum in the dining hall.
ix.   All students should stand for prayers when requested.
x.    Students should properly serve themselves from the counter and take food in adequate quantity.
xi.   Students should take crockery and cutlery from the designated place and drop the used plates at the washing station.
xii.  Students should not waste food at all.
xiii. Any feedback regarding meals should be given to the Manager-Dining Hall and/or Chalet Incharge.

3.10.5  Student Hub
i.   There is a tuck/ student store known as the “Student Hub” located in the School campus.
ii.  There is a cashless system in operation at the Student Hub.
iii. Twice a week, the School provides tuck to each student upto a maximum limit of Rs. 100/- per week.
iv.  Students are not permitted to keep tuck with them in their chalet. In the event of non-compliance, the Chalet Incharge will confiscate the tuck and route the items to the community service programme, through the teacher-in-charge. Students found violating the rule will be deprived of tuck for subsequent two tucks.
v.  The Student Hub provides other utility products, such as toiletries and stationery for students. Specific items such as instruments/ equipments may be available on request.
vi.  Birthdays: Students celebrate their birthdays in School, where they may invite their Schoolmates (25-30). Birthday cake, snacks and juices are supplied by the School and billed to the parents. Parents are permitted to make a phone call/ visit their ward/s between 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm on her birthday. Parents may bring one party dress, a gift item and a small cake for their ward; however, they are not allowed to bring gifts/eatables for other students, for sense of equality.

3.10.6  Student Communication

i.    Students are encouraged to write at least one letter or email to their parents every week.
ii.  Students are permitted phone calls for a set talk time only on the scheduled day, on the authorized outgoing call numbers as provided by the parents in para 2.3 of this booklet.
iii. Mobiles: The School does not permit students to have personal mobile phones on campus. In case of violation, strict disciplinary action up to expulsion from the School may be decided by the Principal.
iv.  In case of any difficulty or emergency, the parent may call the Chalet Incharge on the telephone number provided by the School.

3.10.7  Religion
The School is truly secular in nature, with no emphasis on any one religion, but an exposure to and respect for all religions is offered, and expected, respectively. All important festivals are celebrated in the School.

 i.   All students are to be neatly dressed in School uniform during School hours, School trips and official gatherings.
ii.   Shoes to be polished and in good shape. Socks to be of specified length.
iii.  Low waist, loose tie-knot, folding of shirt / blazer sleeves to be strictly avoided.
iv.  Decorum of School uniform to be maintained at all times.
v.   Worn out / Outgrown uniform will be discarded by School and not be handed over to parents for security reasons.
vi. All students are permitted to wear decent casual clothes during evening Prep. Spaghetti straps and shorts/revealing dresses/objectionable images & slogans on clothing are not permitted. Low waist trousers/skirts should not be worn.
vii.  Attire and hair must be neat and tidy.
viii.When not in uniform, variation in style is permissible within limits. Hair style should not be bizarre, or coloured. Students will be asked to have their hair altered immediately, if they return to School with inappropriate styles or colours.
ix.  Any kind of tattooing or graffiti on person or School uniform is not allowed and strict action will be taken.
x.   No rings or gold chains whatsoever should be worn. Students with pierced ears are allowed only small ear rings/ studs. No expensive jewellery is allowed. You are also requested not to give any expensive items to your ward, in order to maintain the egalitarian ethos of the School.
xi.  A single thin bangle (steel or copper) only for religious reasons may be worn. If a stone is to be worn for religious reasons, it may be strung on a strong red or black thread & worn under the uniform.

i.  All clothing and personal possessions must be labelled with the student’s allotted Admission Number. It is the student’s responsibility to look after her possessions. If any item is stolen/ misplaced School will not be held responsible.
ii. Valuables including pen, calculator, electronic dictionary and School bags must not be left unattended either in the classroom or elsewhere. School cannot take the responsibility  for  items  left  unattended. All  students  are  advised  to  keep  their belongings under lock and key in personal lockers/ cupboards.
iii. Prohibited articles must not be brought to School. Possession of any of these items could invite sanctions and for more serious offences, it could lead to suspension or even expulsion from the School. 

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