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Music School

Indian and Western Music styles are given great importance within the learning environment.

  • Indian music is considered to be the oldest musical tradition in the world. It can be described as having being inaugurated with the chanting of vedic hymns. Indian music combines with the eternal culture of prayer and meditation.
  • Western must is vibrant and enriches the students apart from the recreation and entertainment it offers.

The students are provided with the  good quality instruments, a dedicated music centre and high class teachers who help them to appreciate music in every sense.

Indian Classical Music
Indian Music has developed from a very complex interaction between different people of different cultures.
Harmonium:-Considered to be one of the most versatile instruments, the harmonium is used in classical, semi-classical, and devotional music. It is usually used as an accompanying instrument for vocalists in classical music. Harmonium classes at Unison World School are popular with the students.
Tabla:-The Indian tabla, a two-piece percussion instrument, is the principal rhythmic accompaniment to most North Indian Classical music (namely khyal) and light music. Along with Harmonium classes, students are also given the option of learning this instrument.
Sitar:- The sitar is one of the most popular and charming musical instruments of Northern India. It originated from another instrument called the Veena, which is mostly used in South Indian classical music. The sound of the Sitar is both mystical and unique.

At UWS we aim to produce sitar players of the highestcalibre by providing high class teachers using traditional instructions to help students develop a passion for this music.

Western Music
Drums:- Drums have a powerful and positive influence on the brain. Besides being very affective source of re-creation and entertainment, they promotes connective abilities. Drumming teaches students an incredible amount of co-ordination through various beat/rhythm patterns. It also helps students with Maths and Science. Students learn to count, keep a steady rhythm, multiply and divide in order, to figure out how long each note is.
Keeping this in mind we offer our students wide range of drums in the activity classes, namely-
1. Acoustic Drums
2. Virtual Drums
3. Octa-Pad
4. Congo
Guitars:-There is nothing like guitar music that inspires children to “want to learn”. They naturally gravitate to its instinctive rhythm.Unison World School provides intensive Guitar classes, where students get the basic knowledge about the instrument and are helped to improve their skills.
Keyboards:-As the name suggests, a keyboard is a board of keys of different notes and affects. A key board enables a performer to play many notes at once as well as in close succession.
We at Unison realize the importance of keyboard music in school level and offer our students the same as an activity.

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