Dance School

Dance traditions are passed down through generations to celebrate important occasions and to provide diversion from everyday life. At UWS particular emphasis is placed on dance. Students are offered Indian dance (Classical and Folk, which reflect the rich culture of India) and Western dance which is vibrant, energetic and an alternative form of exercise.

Indian Dance

1. Kathak:-Kathak is a classical form of dance practiced mainly in North India and reflects the rich culture of this region. As well as offering an insight into Indian culture the students also learn to develop their posture, concentration and confidence, along with rhythm and grace.
2. Folk Dance:-Folk dances are rich with complexity; the learning process indirectly teaches virtues that are lacking in our conversation-obsessed world: patience, perseverance and commitment. We at Unison World School offer the students the chance to learn a variety of folk dances, so they can come to know about different traditions. Participation in a dance class as a part of a group can potentially counter the effects of social isolation.

Western Dance
A variety of different Western sytles are offered to teach the girls different steps, this may range from Latin and Salsa, to Jazz and Ballet styles.